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Some examples of parenting and family challenges we can work through 

  • Divorce, coparenting after divorce, blending families (PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT do custody evaluations)
  • Pregnancy
  • Marital issues that affect the family
  • Grandparenting
  • Resolving differences of parenting style between partners
  • Sibling issues; new baby in the house
  • Death or illness in the family
  • Caring for elderly parents or an ill family member
  • Academic issues, learning disabilities
  • Coping with a child's anxiety or depression
  • Adoption, fostering 
  • Adjusting to a move, a new school, or other transitions
  • Coping with substance abuse in the family
  • Sexuality or gender identity issues
  • Empty nesting
  • Family planning
  • In-law problems
  • Financial issues
  • Failure to launch

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