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What Parenting Consultation is About


I have had the privilege of developing deep relationships with many families over the last 17 years as I established my career as a psychologist in private practice. I’ve worked with teenagers and school-age kids and toddlers as young as two. I’ve met with children with special needs and their devoted, exhausted, yet tireless parents; with families going through divorce or loss, as well as those going through the struggles of joining and blending with another family in remarriage; and with parents grappling with the issues of raising children in the chaos of our modern life. I've met with single parents, foster parents, custodial grandparents, and other nontraditional families.  I’ve seen young kids grow into teenagers and beyond as they and their families have continued to meet with me for support over the course of a decade. I’ve helped families dealing with trauma and those just dealing with the everyday problems of living. Because, you know what?

IT’S SO HARD. Even when things go right, and certainly when they don't. For all of us.

No one has all the answers, but as a trained psychologist, I have the skills to help you formulate the questions you need to ask and figure out what options are available for the parenting and family complications we all face. Yes, I am trained to know what the experts have to say, whether we are talking about infant sleep training or teenage angst;  however, through my therapy practice, I have also shared in the experiences of hundreds of families who have shown me what actually works in real life to ease family challenges. It's all so hard, yes, but there are ways to make it easier. 

You have heard my story now. I invite you to schedule an appointment so I can hear yours, as well as your questions and concerns about your children and family life. Together, we can try to smooth the way forward. 

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